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"Perfect programme. Just goes to show what detailing can achieve with facilitation and activities !"

- Manjima,
Trident Hotels.

"The Brilliant ! Matchless ! Smallest details were looked into and your team simply exceeded our expectations.The Hunt activity was outstanding and the venue was just what we wanted.Your company was highly responsive at levels of interaction.No wonder we have been choosing to work with you over the years."

- Snehashish Mitra,

"If the name of your company is anything to go by; you bring the freshness and well blended fruity taste to team offsites."

- Beatrice Rogers,
Dow Chemicals.

"We have done many programmes with this company. We went to them the second time because they were good!Should there be an opportunity, we'll surely work with them again."

- Nanda Kishore,
Bharti AXA.

"The offsite was just fantastic ! Appreciation mails have just been pouring since we have returned!!! Our employees enjoyed the activities and stay your team organized for us.The entire event was very well organized and executed."

- Charu Bali,

"Smooth as ever. As usual, all was perfect. Thank you for your dedicated team to execute our programs beautifully."

- Diya Suri,

"What a FANTASTIC programme at Vizag. Your team handled our event perfectly and the activities were very impressive !"

- Uthra Kumar,

"Right from the planning of the outbound to its completion the experience with Strawberry Outbound has been far more than satisfying. Its been simply SUPERB !!! We will cherish the moments spent together for lifetime.
MANY THANKS to Strawberry Outbound and their well equipped and well trained team."

- Chanchal Dujari KPMG,

"We transformed from reluctant strangers into homogenous teams in less than half a day. The team-name, the war-cry, the bonding custom (particularly the juggle of the hips of Sprite Team), and the leader all had a role to play. I thank you and your team for a lovely session. Despite the heat and the lack of punctuality on part of many amongst us, you folks made the session memorable.
Thank you!"

- Aman Nugyal
COO, SecureSynergy Private Limited.

"The trip was just fantastic!! Appreciation mails have just been pouring since we have returned!!! Our employees enjoyed the games you and your team organized for us. The entire event was very well organized and executed by Strawberry Outbound."

- Charu Bali
HR, Globus.

"We were really pleased with the way the activities were arranged and conducted. Also, all of you were really helpful and around in case we needed anything.
Thanks for everything!!"

- Aditi Vaisoha
HR, Capita

The training was good and my team did have a good time !
1) Your team was good and we were quite pleased with the way Punit conducted the whole exercise.
2) Some brilliant lessons were taught on Communication, team performance, time management.
3) All the activities were done in consultation and that was good as it allowed me to push my guys beyond comfort levels.
4) I saw great rapport being built within the team members and that was the motive.
So kudos for a job well done!

- Mohit Sainani
Compass Connections.

"The programme was very good! Able to realize the personality traits of team members and self. Got inputs on handling those personality traits for better communication and relationship building."

- Mr. K. Adinathan, Regional Manager,
Maruti Udhyog Limited.

"Great!! Lot of interesting activities demanding high participation, team work,bringing the best out of the group with its inherent strength and weaknesses, identifying opportunity and exposed the group to an exciting new world which exists outside the routine city life."

- Mr. S. Sivakumar, Vice President Finance,
The Times group.

"The camp was excellent, and we hope to regularize this. You guys know your job."

- C.Sridhar, Vice President Operations,
Wipro Spectramind Services Pvt. Limited.

"Great!! Programme was fun with those adventure activities and games which were excellent."

- Ajay Baliga, Assistant Vice President Equities,
Kotak Securities

"The Outbound Programme helped a lot in terms of bonding and integration as we had just been through an expansion with launches in Delhi, Hyderabad and Pondicherry. We have been doing these outbound training programmes for the past two years. For a new organization like ours,the bonding that takes place through these outbound training programmes is very important."

- Pradeep Gidwani,Managing Director,
Foster India Limited.

"It was fabulous. Really enjoyed and learnt. I am looking forward to the next level of rappelling and rock climbing."

- Avinash Pant, Marketing Manager, Brands & Media,
Coca - Cola India.

"We, all Foster's, would like to thank your entire team for making our programme a truly memorable one. You guys surely went the extra mile to ensure that all was according to plan. We were also glad that the team took such active interest in ensuring that goals and objectives of each employee from Foster's present at the camp were met. On behalf of the Foster's team I would also like to commend you on your arrangements at the Camp. We look forward to working with you in the future."

- Akanksha Patankar, Manager PR & Communications,
Fosters India Limited.

"All the team members who were part of the group for the outbound activity, really appreciated the program and they had real good time in the camp. We are planning the next trip very soon."

- Alok Jain, Asst. Vice President Operations,
Wipro Spectramind Services Pvt. Limited.

"The personal involvement of the team makes a huge difference. For a great programme, one needs a personal touch and you guys have it."

- Leena Jaiprakash, Marketing Manager,
Club Mahindra.

On behalf of all of us I would like to thank you and your Organization for a very pleasant stay and an abundance of activities, which we will always remember.
Great show in organizing and executing. We will look forward to more such programs in the future. Actually I am already thinking of one. Thank you once more.

- Cyrus Jalnawala,
Dow Chemicals International Pvt. Ltd.

"Fantastic programme. Flawlessly planned. Good food. Great destination. Enthusiastic team and fun games and activities. We now feel we know each other better within our team. Thank you for all your efforts."

- Sukanya Bhosale, Asst Manager Human Resources,
Hutch Tele-Services.

"Great programme. Thanks for all the arrangements. The games were fun. The team had a good time. We will like to keep this going."

- Arjun Naik, Asst Manager Human Resources,
E funds International

"It was hot but we had a good time. The place is good and the employees had a nice time with the games and activities. Food was excellent. Hope to do something in the rains, as well."

- Ravi Datta, Director Human Resources,
Exult Client Services India Ltd.

"Targeting our 600 employees for the 3 day outbound programme at Camp has been a challenge you're your team delivered its services very well. Your efforts made the difference."

- Mohit Shetty, Manager Human Resources,
Stream Tracmail.

"How did you invent Red Indians and Cowboys? You guys have some creativity. I have done plenty of outbound programmes for my team but this one is an original. We had a truly fantastic time at your property and we going to make adventure training a mandatory requirement. Thank you for everything"

- Vijay Mehta, Vice President,
Alliance Fraiser India Pvt. Ltd.

"We had a truly fantastic time at Camp. The team had a ball with the various outdoor activities organized and all of us returned with terrific experiences, albeit with the customary fair share of bruises.
Well, my team showed off their bruises and scrapes as "medals" from this programme. All in all, our goals were achieved which perhaps wouldn't have been possible in a classroom. Your staff at Camp did their best to make our stay as comfortable as possible.
Three cheers to Prakash, baba and your cook, without whom I guess our energies, would have diminished before the second day. My company is looking forward to having many more such programmes with you in the not too distant future. Thanks heaps for everything."

- Bhavesh Seth,
CEO, Plastech India Pvt. Ltd.

We have almost become enthusiastic partners of Strawberry Outbound, even using their highly creative services for our own sales and marketing conferences. We recognise the value that they can add to our programmes and their experience in bringing the best (and worst!) out of people, which is why we are happy to have been working with them since many years now.

- Christina Albert,
VP Sales and Marketing, EMEA.

We have received a very good feedback from all the participants and we saw a deeper involvement from everybody during the workshop. Thanks for the wonderful workshop.

- Rajkumar Sharma,

On behalf of everyone at 'SIGNET', I would like to convey to you & your team that we all had a very exciting day playing different activities. 'Animal Instincts' proved to be a real ice-breaker followed by 'Giant Web' which was great for team-building and then topping it with 'Minefield' which was a good exercise for the mental faculties.

Lastly, as we ended the day with 'River Crossing' everyone's confidence sore high. Most of my 40 staff members were indulging in this kind of a physical activity for the first time. But your team members encouraged them & gave them the required assurance to go for it. Almost everyone (majority were women)took part and experienced a sense of high. At the end of it, they wanted to do it once more!

All inall, it was a 'GreatSignet Team building Day with Strawberry Outbound'!! Thank you very much.

- Bina Shah, Director,
Signet Chemical Corporation Pvt Ltd.

Thx a lot for the great outdoor trip. The pictures you have taken are super as was your organising skills - Kudos to you & your team members.
So, can I now go ahead & stop the payment of the cheque. hehehe

- Odette D'Silva, Executive Assistant,
BMR Advisors

We thoroughly enjoyed all the activities organized by you/your troupe. The activities were very well organized, resulted in great fun and we all had a rocking time. Right from the stage of planning to execution you helped us to make this offsite a grand success.We would have been happier if The Champs had won ultimately (if you notice all of us Kairav (CEO), Abhishek, Rajitha & I belonged to the losing team).

Wishing you all the very best in your adventures. Thanks once again for organizing a wonderful team building offsite for 3 days at Alibag!

- Rajitha, Abhishek, Ragini & Glancy,
Siemens Corporate Finance.

There are loads to write. However,I have two working days to wind up for my Goa hence will write a short one:
It was excellent outbound training programme, very well organized with meaningful debriefing and well structured activities. The outbound programme gave exposures to introvert who played roles of leadership, enjoyed bonding and we learnt together.

- Varssha,
Doehle Danautic.

I like to thank Strawberry Outbound for putting up a super offsite and giving us not only enriching but invaluable experience. Your team's dedication and commitment teach us how one can make a passionate attempt to succeed. Students had great learning through designed systematic management games.
They have comeback with much more positive outlook ,understanding and importance of teams and dependence on their fellow colleagues. We look forward to much more such days with you.

- Seema Mahajan, Chairperson, International Linkages,
NMIMS University.

Superb! You really delivered the goods. I have had a constant stream of feedback from the team about how enjoyable, different and motivational the day was.
Your ideas were unique and I think for companies looking to do unique, different, new and bolder team building programmes, we will certainly recommend Strawberry Outbound !

- Diksha Kapoor,HR Manager,
PN Safetech Pvt Ltd.

The event was really good. All the associates really enjoyed the activities and team building day - out.Your team leader conducted the whole event really well. Thank you once again.

- Satish Poojary,
Bank of America.

Thanks a ton, we did enjoy it a lot, though we wished we had more time I think the activity schedule were well thought but we were short on time ! Hope to do this with more time, again ! Thank you.

- Nidhi Sharma,

We had a great time with our outbound trip. It was indeed insightful on the various team building concepts and I can tell you that we have taken a lot back and it would be really helpful for our team. I especially liked the atmosphere created by your team and the way the games were designed to impart important concepts like team trust, leadership qualities and communication skills. Hope for better things ahead in the future.

- Ratish Nair, Information Technology,
Shipco Transport.

Just a short note to thank you for the delivery of the event. I was very impressed with everyone's efforts in making it a success for the participants.I could actually see the benefits this morning as people started arriving for work and were talking to (or laughing with) people in the other teams as they walked to their desks

- Rita Desai,
Director,CEM Systems.

We can't tell you how much we appreciate your hard work for our Offsite in Goa. We all know responding within such a short notice is no joke, and conducting the activities seamlessly and flawlessly!
A special thanks to Prof. Bhattacharya, Farzeen and you for being personally present as well. We're admiring the team around us, and couldn't be happier with the work you've done here. We appreciate the time you took to listen to what we wanted, added your own expertise, and pulled together the event. The end result is just what we'd hoped it would be!
Thank you so much for your professional and effective help. We won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Thanks & Regards

- Corporate Marketing Team,
HCL Technologies.

The event and activities conducted were great. Thanks for all your help. Trainer was too good and he managed us very well. The programme arrangements were flawless.

- Chintan Mehta,
Morgan Stanley.

Overall the experience was very good for the team. They enjoyed themselves and the team wanted a couple of more activities !
Creativity of the games was good - all the games were planned in right spaces. This was important considering the heat. Location of the venue and logistics planned were very good. Trainer capability was good - he was great with the team. Was a pleasure to come there and I am sure other teams will look for opportunities to come that side.

-Gideon D'silva,
General Mills Limited.

Thank you very much for managing the entire team building activity at our HR offsite !
Punit and his team were fabulous and the activities selected were fun and engaging. The entire Capita HR team had loads of fun through the day.
On behalf of all of us here, a big thank you to the team at Strawberry Outbound.

- EldrinFernandes,HR Manager,

Once again I would like to thank you and the Strawberry Outbound team for the event conducting by you last Friday in Jaipur with my team.

The full day run as per my expectations:

1. The morning activities were challenging and physical, but not too strenuous.
2. The competitive spirit of the teams were challenged but not over-pushed.
3. Some pause for reflections were there too: especially the "earn as much as you can" game as guess where I got trapped myself.
4. I believe the people were in a positive way tired at the end of day. Happy of the time they shared together having fun and that they also took back some elements (Trust - I think it is a good one, sharing responsibility, "challenging" the boss if required).
5. I have noticed some slight changes in the behavior of the teams in comparisons to last year. I think the set up and the team split and the choice of activities must have played a role.

Also from the experience from last year, they were more ready to let it go and follow the flow of the day and simulteanously respect the deadlines and each other. This is a positive point.
You always maintained the right balance between authority and "coolness"; take away and fun. Which is appreciated by everyone.
I don't have any complaint towards the facilitator team from Strawberry either; here also it runs smoothly. Finally we went extremely lucky with the weather but I don t know who to thank for that. It was a very successful day and I have received many positive feedback's.
The "flashmob" dance went well also in the evening - was trying to attach the videos but it is too big for here.

- Jean Christophe, CFO
Total Oil.

The team has just returned back from the GAM.
The outbound schedule went really well and has left the team rejuvenated, energized and bonded much more than earlier.
The planning and execution was perfect and I was happy to see that all our suggestions (right from splitting of teams to the theme incorporation and the de-brief) were well inculcated and interwoven in the program pattern.
The leadership team is thankful to Strawberry and we are hopeful of many such associations in the future.
This was our first time with your organization and am glad that we have been able to understand each other and implement the necessary things.

- RashmiKamath, HR Manager,
Mondelez, India.

Thanks for to you and your team for making this a success ! It was a great event.

- SeemaGanji,

The team building activity carried out by Strawberry Outbound was for 138 seafarers of Tanker Pacific.
Since this was the first time we (or any shipping company, to the best of our knowledge) conducted a team building event for it's seafarers, we were very apprehensive about what to expect.
The idea was that our seafarers could come together as a team during the task oriented activity & perform under pressure while competing with other teams.
This was very well noticeable during the event as all our seafarers participated with high level of energy & enthusiasm.
The participants were all praises for such an event and the whole experience was well received by all.
The whole event was very well organised& executed by Somit & his team

- Aakash Ahuj,
Tanker Pacific.

This event was high in adventure and everything went really well. It was indeed a great experience for the team.

- Marlyn Koul,
Sorento Health.

Thanks very much for facilitating us with the program. It was excellent and very well received by all the participants. Thanks to your team.
Also, we will tie up with you again for another program that is happening later this month or next month.

- Sheena Bora, HR Manger
Mumbai Metro Transport Private Ltd

The team building sessions went off well. We had all the activities well executed and preceded by an exciting icebreaker session. Punit and his team conducted it well. He was impartial and was able to put his points clearly across teams, even when everybody seemed to have their own views!The entire team enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

- KiranDeshpande
Deutsche Bank.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts and execution of your team for making our Day - Out eventful.
The day out was well planned and executed by your team. The activities, games were mentally and physically challenging which kept each one of us focused and dedicated. Each one had a gala time participating in the activities. The team members had a fun time coordinating , supporting and team building amongst their team members . Each one us now share an even more strong bonding personally and professionally.

Also a special mention to your venue for the multi cuisines offered, which were stress relaxing and mouth watering. Each one of us experienced their own bit of masti, maza by eating, drinking, diving deep and playing.
The host Punit was fun to be with, a humorous chief who with his wit managed the team very well.
On behalf of Heurtey Petrochem, we would like to appreciate your team for the great work they are doing, and kudos to you guys for making Heurtey's DAY OUT a memorable one.

- Vineet Kund,
Heurtey Petrochem.

Program was very good and have received positive review from the team. Thank you for conducting the offsite for us.

- Smita Sahu,
Tata Communications.

Overall, the trip was well executed, enjoyable, and educational.The activities were a good mix of mental and physical - our team of diverse ages and background with physical activity were (barring one event) all able to participate. We were impressed with trainersability to navigate the debriefing sessions. He was able to tease out solid learnings for our team.

- Russell Mason, Corporate Strategy,
Mahindra & Mahindra.

This is the unofficial feedback. Overall the whole exercise was a huge success. Specific feedback:
Venue: very good. Facilitator: very good. Overall learning/ take-away: issued addressed were very relevant & practical and the team felt that it helped them look at issues from a different perspective. Thank you & your team for your support and cooperation that helped me make this workshop a successful event.

- RosetteeSilveira, HR Manager,
Graviss Group.

Conduct of the entire Day - Excellent
Food - Great
Team Building Games - Excellent
Cost - Average (Could further be lessened)
Location - Great
Timely finish - Great (Finished all activities on time despite of we reaching late)
Overall Event - Great
Thanks for the arrangement !

- Sajjad S Patil,
Pharmanet India.

The team outbound activity happened successfully without any issues. The arrangements & activities were well organized .The highlight of the entire program was your lively team leader & group who very well managed to engage our big team which served the purpose of fun + team interaction.
Thanks for everything from your end.

- Dimple Jain, Team Leader,

The program went really well. The team thoroughly enjoyed the program and learned from it. The exercises were able to get participants to collaborate, irrespective of age and organizational differences.
Thank you very much for this!

- Sumana Ravi,
Times Group.

I and all the team from BEICO thanks you for this day spent with your team.Lots of people came to me to tell me how they enjoyed the activities.The way you deal with the games, sharing fun and reflection was really good.
People who never met each other before, left the weekend with the feeling to have met a family member, the corporate spirit has really been reinforced thanks to you.
From the starting point till the end, everything was perfect. A special thank to Punit for his professionalism and involvement: our planning has been changed and adapted till the end of the day.

- Marie Jaffres,
BEICO Industries Pvt. Ltd.

The event is a success. We had a great time together. Thank you to Punit and you for all your efforts.
Venue was good and so was the food. All the games were innovative, we have participated in many team building events so far but none of the game was a repeat. All the games were fun filled, creative and unique giving enough opportunities to all the different members to know each other closely and interact.

- Alexander Monteiro,
Colgate Global Business Services.

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