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"The Outdoors is a means to an end rather than an end in itself."- Team Building Mumbai.

Now that you are convinced that the Outdoors is the place to rejuvenate your organization. You can choose from a host of options to suit your needs.

  • Leadership programmes.
  • Team Development.
  • Performance Improvement Teams.
  • High Performance Teams.
  • Facilitation Workshops.
  • Young Employee Apprentice Programmes.
  • Graduate Development.

Team Building Mumbai

All of these programmes incorporate the Outdoors as a vital component of the mix, which must also include.

  • Structured reviews of teams and individuals.
  • Clear links between experiences and work.
  • Action planning for continuous improvement.
  • Concept, models and relevant competencies.
  • Development of pre-agreed business issues.
  • Creation of Implementation Strategy for work.

Typical experiential exercises range from short, tightly focused sessions to develop one outcome, to major initiative tasks to develop major project skills. Elements included depend on desired learning outcomes relevant to the work place.

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