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"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow." Anthony J.K. D'Angelo

As an employee of a corporate organisation, individuals look forward to nothing but that one weekend every quarter where they head off for an offsite or outting with the team and do just one thing: Party Hard! Offsite training is perhaps the best way to help employees acquire new skills while also allowing them to enjoy themselves.

We provide the ideal homes for offsites. Whether it is a start-up with a team of 10, or a bigger company with a team of 30, Strawberry Outbound homes across the country are great getaways for every group.

Great corporate offsite meetings push people's comfort zones, give them a memorable experience, and jumpstart actions that accelerate business. A corporate offsite is also the best way to judge an employee's satisfaction levels. In a casual setting, it is easier to gauge how satisfies an employee is and also work out ways to boost morale in the traditional office setting.

Corporate Offsite Activities

Here are some great tips to get employees energized and help them reach their goals

  • Have An Ice Breaker
  • Continuous Feedback Loop
  • Continuous Feedback Loop
  • Crowd Source
  • Team Building Activities

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