Making Teams Work...Together

Team Development

"A team is not a team just because it calls itself one."

"People have been known to achieve more as a result of working with others than against them", Dr. Allan Fromme

Developing teams is probably the most important aspect of running an organization successfully. Under the generic term Team Development, each course is specifically tailored, and the range of programmes is as varied as the number of courses run. The objective of every programme is to make a real difference in the work place, and the feedback we receive confirms that we do just that. As with many of our programmes, interactivity is enhanced by the incorporation of experiential learning experiences either in or out of doors, depending on client needs and programme design.

Elements covered include:

  • Training in team generic and team specific competencies
  • Practical development of team capability through
  • Learning Cycle
  • Facilitated sessions to address business needs
  • Creation of an implementation strategy for the work place
  • Agreed follow up plan.

Programme flow

  • Discuss desired outcomes with the client
  • Develop proposal and feedback
  • Deliver appropriate training
  • Follow up to ensure implementation

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