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We follow three levels of safety. First two are preventive, third is reactive.

  1. Participant Preparedness
  2. Activity Design
  3. Incident Protocol (reactive)
  • Safety Equipment used is UIAA approved and is tested for breaking strength.

  • Safety systems are pre-checked and created for activities where risk of fall exceeds the minimum height standard.

  • Strawberry Outbound classifies its corporate services from high intensity to low intensity and we follow internal grading system to design the outdoor format. This is to ensure that we do not offer one-size-fits-all strategy.

  • Our technical team and field leaders are trained to understand the group and make on-field improvisations which are usually safety calls.

  • Over the years, we have learnt that even a slight communication gap between the sales team, operation team and the client can result in poor preparedness for an outdoor programme which can result in safety hiccups.

  • Strawberry Outbound practices unilateral communication process and improved methodology to strive at quality and high safety standards.

  • Our technical team consists of qualified instructors. Our instructors need to undergo mountaineering courses from premier institutions like Western Himalayan Mountaineering Institution or Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. Also, we follow internal protocol for leaving the least to chance.
Contraindications for Participation

Before an outdoor trip with Strawberry Outbound, each participant will be required to fill up a safety forms to mention their blood group and ailments, if any. Physical approval is required for participation for participants with any of these conditions from a qualified physician or a doctor.
  • High blood pressure (>145/90)
  • Unstable cardiovascular or respiratory conditions
  • Active back or joint problems (recent or recurring injuries)
  • Post-partum (<6 weeks since giving birth)
  • Uncontrolled diabetes, epilepsy, or seizures
Staff and participants should be aware that preliminary research indicates that psychological fear (i.e. fear of height) can accelerate an individual's heart rate as high as 180 per minute. This could strain a weak heart.

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