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Performance Improvement Teams

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." Jimmy Dean

Given the right support and management, Performance Improvement Teams can make a radical difference to the organizational output in a short time, saving a lot of money.

Performance improvements can be attained across a wide spectrum of areas, including scrap reduction, set-up time reduction, overall equipment efficiency, inventory reduction and service response time.

We often wonder why, when the results are so positive, Performance Improvement Teams are not used more often. Perhaps because we are so busy achieving for today, we give less consideration than we should to tomorrow's performance requirements.

Despite this, India Outdoors is constantly developing and facilitating these teams for a wide number of companies to great effect.

Typical components covered by projects:

  • Consultation into possible performance improvements strategy
  • Formation of appropriate team for project
  • Facilitation and training to ascertain performance improvement opportunities, categories, rank and rate
  • Formation of route maps for teams to follow
  • Training in appropriate analytical and problem solving tools.

Programme Flow

  • Agree with client on area to be addressed
  • Deliver workshop to establish team and assess the opportunities for greatest benefit
  • Follow up to provide support as appropriate to the full development and implementation of performance improvement.

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