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Graduate Development

"The man who graduates today and stops learning, is uneducated the day after" Newton J Baker

Graduates represent a considerable investment and an asset for the future. Technically trained to a high level, the next challenge for graduates is to develop complementary people skills. India Outdoors offers programmes to assist with this, which integrate with the client's overall graduate development strategy.

Usually residential and run from a well suited venue, programmes offer an intensive experience during which attendees develop both themselves and their peers. Personal, interpersonal, team and leadership skills are progressed through experiential exercises, structured reviews, input sessions and personal development plans.

Aspects covered in additional organization - specific elements:

Personal development

  • Understanding individual contribution and personal impact
  • Effective personal communicator strategies
  • Organization and time management

Team and group skills

  • Development patterns and strategies for teams
  • Team specific and team generic competencies
  • Personal contribution when working in a team and balancing roles
  • Team process skills

Foundation Leadership skills

  • Education in theoretical and practical models of leadership
  • Practical experience in the application of leadership models
  • Development of individual leadership potential
  • Preferred leadership style and its effects
  • Principles and practical tools for motivation

Programme Flow

  • Pre-course meeting with manager/mentors to determine programme design
  • Pre-course meeting with graduates
  • Delivery of programme concluding with action, planning and presentations to manager/ mentor
  • Individual development plans with follow up and meeting.

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