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Rock Climbing Level 2


Grade Meter 


Best Season

October to May

We begin bouldering and climbing courses after the monsoons around the last two weeks of October and conclude the season when it gets very hot around May. Needless to say, winter months between November and February are the best for climbing. That’s the time when the moss dries up on the rocks, the days are cool, the mornings are crispy dry and gently cold. Its great to get out, even if you are not climbing.

Course Details :

A course lasting 2 days will give you the chance to do a lot of rock climbing whilst learning how to use the core equipment (climbing harness, rope controllers / belay devices, ropes, carabiners, protection and sling), how to tie the crucial knots, how to set up belays (anchor points), how to keep your partners safe when belaying (controlling the rope) from both above and below and how to abseil or retreat from a route.

The topics include:

  • Practice of various types and styles of rock climbing likeboulders, cracks, overhang and crimps.
  • Rope management.
  • Advanced Knots.
  • Safety assessment.
  • Anchor construction.
  • Advanced Efficient movements.
  • Specialized equipment use.
  • Belay Construction.
  • Multiple Abseiling techniques.
  • Ascension Techniques.