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Rock Climbing Level 1


Grade Meter


Best Season

October to May

We begin bouldering and climbing courses after the monsoons around the last two weeks of October and conclude the season when it gets very hot around May. Needless to say, winter months between NovemberGrade Meter : and February are the best for climbing. That’s the time when the moss dries up on the rocks, the days are cool, the mornings are crispy dry and gently cold. Its great to get out, even if you are not climbing.

Course Details :

This course will aim at introduction to climbing techniques and moving efficiently on the rock. Participants will experience movements on slab, straight faces, nursery boulders and cracks. You will be introduced to the sport of rock climbing with more technical understanding in level 2.

The topics include:

  • Movement and technique on the rock – how climbers use the holds to move efficiently up the rock. We will look at body position, footwork and specific climbing moves such as rockover’s, laybacking and jamming.
  • Understanding various hand holds and reading smaller routes.
  • Nursery Bouldering.
  • Key Knots.
  • Basic Rope Work.
  • Communication – Understand climbing jargon, safety calls and two-way communication.
  • Rock Climbing Equipment – selection and use of harnesses, belay plates, knots and ropes.
  • Basic Belaying Techniques – how climbers use the rope to arrest falls.
  • Falling Safely.
  • Route descriptions, climbing terminology and grading systems.

Corporate Adventure – We teach these topics whilst climbing and you can be sure that we will try to cram as much climbing into the course as possible because this is not only more realistic, but it makes the whole course more fun and memorable. Level 2 pursuits is for the next level of advanced climbing.