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Indoor Themes

Using Theatre and Drama in corporate learning and development is not about creating actors but about giving people skills for life and business.

Taking improvisation techniques from the theatre and applying them within a business setting allows you to explore a wide range of issues.

In this age of self-directed and elearning, we believe there is still a need for the human factor in learning. The opportunity to learn in a safe environment and practice skills with others.

Whether you want to use it to explore themes such as Leadership, Impact and Personal Presence, Customer Service, Dealing with Difficult People, Presentation Skills, or other management issues, training with drama can be very effective by allowing people to experience new ways of thinking and behaving.

Musical Teambuilding feels so imeasurably rewarding, having been taken outside of our comfort zone, to take on an activity that we would happily convince ourself that we can’t do,and to succeed at it.

This is where we will induce creative thinking and introduce participants to problem solving techniques through musical exploration and improvisation.

These activities free the mind from pre-conceived ideas, allowing the imagination to run free, creating new concepts in a supportive atmosphere.

The instruments ( depending on the need ) range from guitar, keyboards, triangles, clappers, bongos, flutes, maracas, shakers, mouthorgans, etc.

Final result will be teams savouring the moment together and feeling more positive about their ability to conquer previously held fears and misconceptions.

Every worked with Ice ? Teams are divided and given an introduction before the activity begins. Now they would be given resources that are challenging as they fight the time-frame that melting ice brings before them!

This will have teams get creative, to learn to work together, listen to each other manage resources. What better way to get people working together than with trying to have them agree on a creative outcome and bringing it to life quickly!

It’s a fantastic test of team work, in a fun environment, doing something that is far away from everyday working life.

Teams participate to develop storyboards. Several aspects of the given theme are brought to life. Teams get creative, imaginative with clevery ( maybe cunningly ) captured moments and stitch together to showcase their work.

The short time pushes the team to get seriously involved, delegate, have fun at work and shed inhibitions. A unique and memorable way to showcase sense of humor and teamwork.

Here’s where the teams can test their innovative streaks. Can they use open and blank spaces and turn them around with creative use of resources and decorate and design furniture that meets the clients very specific requirements ?

High on fun and laughter, the activity will stimulate the team to work together, plan, manage resources and define roles.

A bomb has been placed inside a toxic waste zone that none of your teammates may enter. Your team must remove the bomb before it explodes and destroys the earth!!!

The group is given raw materials to make a bomb removal device from the inside of the toxic waste zone.

This will have the teams think out-of-the-box, handle a complex problem, plan and implement the task to perfection.

This team building exercise is ideal as an indoor teambuilding game at a conference, it is a superb concept to highlight the key roles of team work, communication, the bigger picture, and of course fun.. More than one track can be created, with teams competing for the fastest.

The group will need to plan their strategy, interact with each other, delegate roles, and complete the exercise against the clock.

This is a teambuilding exercise which achieves objectives in a short space of time, and provides a hilarious activity for all the team members. Additional challenges can be added to this team building excercise with head to head finish !

Teams have to build a bridge with engineering success and impressive design using the available resources as their construction materials. The purchase team will need to evaluate the costs for the raw materials and santion the purchase within the budgets.

Their goal is to build the strongest bridge with a truss pattern of their own design, while meeting the design criteria and constraints.

To design bridges, engineers perform careful analysis of bridge geometries and the anticipated applied loads that so they can determine the exact place of the reaction forces.

In this challenge, teams would be required to construct domino trails as creatively as possible. Given plastic dominoes and trigger mechanisms, each team must adhere to a pre-determined design to create their trail before adding a dash of flair and innovation to spice things up.

A single miscalculation can stop a domino in its tracks. Team precision is the key to success here.

Furthermore, during the grand finale, a show of mutual trust and alignment would be exhibited, as the entire ‘chain of events’ must be seamlessly executed without hiccups. The smallest contribution would make the biggest difference..

Fire eating was a common part of Hindu, Sadhu, and Fakir performances to show spiritual attainment. It became a part of the standard sideshow acts in the late 1880s.

How would team like to do something unthinkable or seemingly unattainable ? Wouldn’t the team feel great to overcome pre-conceived ideas and unwanted fears. Swallow a couple of fire balls for dinner for your next team building event.

Teams are given time and quick lessons on the making, creating and finishing an apparel line that needs to be delivered in time for the mega fashion event Will the teams be able to meet the deadlines ?

Will they be able to bring together and showcase the work of fashion that will win them the business ?

The ‘models’ from each team will trained to walk the ramp with a professional choreography session and the entire event will be energized with great music, cheering, euphoria as the event reaches a crescendo !

Delicate resources are an intrinsic part this activity. Teams are given resources to create, build and experiment to make their launch without the satellite cracking.

This is a fun team activity that can be done indoors. Teams need to present their advertisement to NASA selling their concept and product innovation.

At the end of it, you have many cracked satellites, a few flying stories and heaps of laughter !

  • Perfect programme. Just goes to show what detailing can achieve with facilitation and activities !

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  • If the name of your company is anything to go by; you bring the freshness and well blended fruity taste to team offsites.

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  • If the name of your company is anything to go by you bring the freshness and well blended fruity taste to team offsites.

    ~ Beatrice Rogers, Dow Chemicals