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Corporate Adventure

Corporate Adventure, Our climbing courses and adventure trips enable participants to grow at both, the team and individual levels, exploring risk, leadership, communication, problem-solving and coaching. The challenges call upon every member of the team to participate, and they present unending opportunities for self-discovery and team growth.

Corporate Adventure programme emphasizes risk-taking, trust, and coaching. Corporate Adventure – The challenges allow participants to expand their comfort zones—sometimes dramatically—and recognize fears that may block personal achievement. Each moment is rich with discoveries, whether a person is climbing, supporting “on belay,” or finding an effective way to encourage a teammate.

High ropes and climbing walls pose challenges to the individual. They present tests of physical strength, stamina, agility, balance, and flexibility, And they invite participants to confront such emotional issues as the fear of heights, the fear of failure, and the fear of losing control.

They require participants to draw upon reserves of courage and strength and to re-examine assumptions about their physical and emotional limitations. Conducted within a context of group encouragement and support, these programs often lead participants to a heightened awareness of self and to an increase of confidence and self-esteem.

Corporate Adventure

Its important to consider the following points, before setting up your team for Corporate Adventure for a day-out with us;

Team size – this determines your total time span.
Adventure appetite – team’s preparedness for an ‘untypical’ day.
Primary goals of the offsite – brings ideal choice of activities.
Traveling distance – location is subject to constraints of duration of journey.
Season – our activities our season-specific.

Corporate Adventure

Rock Climbing Level 1

This course will aim at introduction to climbing techniques and moving efficiently on the rock. Participants will experience movements on slab, straight faces, nursery boulders and cracks. You will be introduced to the sport… read more

Corporate Team Building Mumbai

Rock Climbing Level 2

A course lasting 2 days will give you the chance to do a lot of rock climbing. Whilst learning how to use the core equipment. (climbing harness, rope controllers / belay devices, ropes, carabineers, protection and sling)…
read more



Bouldering, the discipline of ropeless climbing on small cliffs & boulders, celebrates the joy of movement over stone. It is all about movement, of climbing with purity & simplicity without a rope & other protective gear. It is simply you and the rock…
read more

Corporate Adventure


Canyoning is an exciting emerging sport in India. A day trip with us may have a variety of techniques. That may include hiking, scrambling, climbing, waterfall abseiling or even swimming. It’s possible that you might find yourself completely soaked …
read more



Abseiling, from the German word “abseilen” meaning “to rope down,” is the process of sliding down a rope under controlled conditions. Known as rappelling in the United States…
read more

  • Perfect programme. Just goes to show what detailing can achieve with facilitation and activities !

    ~Manjima, Trident Hotels

  • Brilliant ! Matchless ! Smallest details were looked into and your team simply exceeded our expectations. The Hunt activity was outstanding and the venue was just what we wanted. Your company was highly responsive at levels of interaction. No wonder we have been choosing to work with you over the years.
    ~ Snehashish Mitra, Capgemini

  • If the name of your company is anything to go by; you bring the freshness and well blended fruity taste to team offsites.

    ~ Beatrice Rogers, Dow Chemicals

  • The personal involvement of the team makes a huge difference. For a great programme, one needs a personal touch and you guys have it !

    ~ Leena Jaiprakash, Club Mahindra

  • Outbound programmes and their focus on safety is impressive.Should there be an opportunity, we’ll surely work with them again.

    ~ Nanda Kishore, Bharti AXA

  • Smooth as ever. As usual, all was perfect. Thank you for your dedicated team to execute our programs beautifully.

    ~ Diya Suri, McDonalds

  • What a FANTASTIC programme at Vizag. Your team handled our event perfectly and the activities were very impressive !

    ~ Uthra Kumar, Novartis

  • If the name of your company is anything to go by you bring the freshness and well blended fruity taste to team offsites.

    ~ Beatrice Rogers, Dow Chemicals

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